Klucis: The Deconstruction



56min / 90min

This film is a deeply personal view on the life of artist Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde art, whose life drama reflects the tragedy of a whole nation during the years of Stalin’s repressions. It is a story about boundless ambitions, hope, love and artist’s responsibility that continues haunting him after his death.

Awarded the First Prize of the 40 year old IFF of Fine Arts (Hungary) Best director, Best script

National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best editing and Best sound design

Selected for the 22nd annual AFI EU Film Showcase (USA), Thessaloniki IFF (Greece), Trieste IFF (Italy), nominated for the The Russian National Documentary Award «LAVR» 2009 (Russia)


Pēteris Krilovs


Pauls Bankovskis

Director of Photography

Andris Priedītis, LGC

2nd Camera

Uldis Cekulis


Julie Vinten


Arturs Maskats

Sound Editor

Andris Barons


Miks Mitrēvics as Gustavs Klucis

Inta Klusa as Valentina Kulagina

Creative director

Jānis Mitrēvics

Graphic artists

Miks Mitrēvics

Gatis Kleinbergs

Pavels Fedorci

Evita Vasiļeva

Executive producers

Dāvids Mitrēvics

Color grading and end title design

Uģis Olte

On-Line editing

Gunta Ikere

Raimonds Špakovskis