The Rossellinis




Roberto Rossellini was a genius of the cinema and a distinctly anti-conformist father. His romances filled the front pages of newspapers around the world, scandalous to the rigid morality of the Fifties and generated a numerous, proudly multi-ethnic, and decidedly extended family. Alessandro, the great director’s first grandchild, has had a shaky career as a photographer and a lengthy past as a drug addict. As the first grandchild of a genius, he doesn’t feel he measures up of the surname he bears. So, at 55 years of age he decides to make his first film, taking on the Rossellini saga with wit and pressing his relatives into an impossible family therapy in front of the camera.


Alessandro Rossellini


Alessandro Rossellini

Andrea Paolo Massara

Dāvis Sīmanis


Raffaele Brunetti

Uldis Cekulis


Valdis Celmiņš

Color grading and mastering

Krišs Roziņš